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Fri 29 Jan 2016

Why would you want your property managed?

Be aware of what’s going on behind the walls of your rental property with this useful advice...

Benefit fraud, sub-letting, on-going damage, drug rings and even brothels have all been discovered hidden behind the disguise of what at first appeared to be a ‘good’ tenant. So, how would you know if something untoward was happening in your rental property?

Tenants with untoward motives for securing a rental property will often target private landlords who find the tenant themselves – therefore it is extremely important to vet all potential tenants in order to minimise the risk.

It’s important to remember that the majority of the time these types of people will target private landlords because it’s easier for them to secure a property, plus the landlord is less likely to do the regular inspections that an agent would.

Vigilant visits!

Once the tenant has moved into the property, it is vital that you carry out inspections to assess that the tenancy is running smoothly and the property is being utilised within the rules of the tenancy agreement.

Inspections throughout the tenancy are essential, without them it would be almost impossible to know what’s going on inside a property – and, if something untoward was happening, key indicators are likely to be noticed during the inspection.

Inspections are also useful in terms of assessing the condition of the property.

Some tenants don’t even contact us about repairs – and it is during the inspections that the need for these is revealed.

Smoking can be an issue too and, if a tenant has been smoking in the property, it is usually very obvious at the inspection.

At BLUEROW we carry out midterm inspections, this ensures that we allow the tenant privacy so that they do not feel as though we are intruding into their home, however at the same time it allows us to check the condition of the property and how it is being kept by the tenant.

Regular inspections can also help establish a good relationship between you and the tenant and help you build trust in one another.

No entry!

If a tenant won’t commit to an inspection, there may be a reason why!

If the tenant would/could not commit to a date and time, after several attempts, we would assertively but politely suggest that we use the key to enter the property to undertake the inspection in their absence.

Run Itself!

Don’t ever leave a tenancy to run itself, regular communication will always bring to light changes or concerns within a tenancy and proactive management enables you to deal with problems as they arise.

What would you do?

Do you really want the hassle of dealing with inspections? Extending your tenancy? Do you want your tenant to be calling you about repairs and jobs?

Are you happy with your tenant calling you at any time of the day or night to report a minor repair or small query? Are you able to liaise with your tenant and trusted tradesman and keep your tenant updated constantly? Although we contact you to report a repair, once we have the go ahead from you, then we will liaise with the tenant and contractor to get the repair completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

What would you do if your rent wasn’t received? We would know on the exact date if your rent was not in our account, we would contact your tenant to find out the reason.  If we are unable to contact your tenant, we will try to make contact but we will stay within the law as not to be seen to harass your tenant.

Are you willing to perform regular periodic visits to your property? We do! For many reasons, we like to check in with the tenants to see what their plans are for the future, to make sure there is no visible malicious damage being caused to your property, to check for signs that the property is not being used for illegal activities and to also spot repairs or damages that the tenant may not have noticed or reported.

Do you have the resources available to keep yourself updated with the constant changes in the law surrounding property and tenancies? We have ARLA updating daily and we also attend numerous courses throughout the year.

Would you be willing to do your own move outs with your tenants? We meet your tenants at the property and run through the inventory to check that the property is in similar condition to how it was given it to them. Our staff have been on many courses to deal with this, so that we can handle any confrontational situations, work out correctly how damages will be charged, overcome any objections and we will also inform utility companies of the meter readings and of the tenants forwarding address.

Who would deal with all of this whilst you were on holiday or unable to due to personal circumstances? We can carry out inspections throughout the year to ensure that your property is managed efficiently and effectively.

AtBLUEROWwe take the hassle and stress out of letting. With our managed service we deal with all faults and repairs and we carry out regular inspections allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your rental property without the hassle. Contact us today for more information on our services; all of our fees are totally transparent with no hidden costs. Have peace of mind that the letting specialists are taking care of your rental property and relax in the knowledge that you won’t be receiving calls from tenants at all hours of the morning!.


Let us do all the work!