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Liverpool one of the safest cities to live in

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Sat 27 Oct 2012

Liverpool one of the safest cities to live in

It's no joke – Liverpool is now one of the safest cities to live in.

After decades of gags about Scouse scallies, figures show that London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield all have more burglaries and car crimes per person.

Among big cities in England only Newcastle is safer, according to the UK Statistics Authority.

The figures, disclosed by the government in response to a Parliamentary Question by Tory MP Philip Hollobone, show offences across all of England’s police forces.

They reveal that violent attacks are also twice as common in London than in the area patrolled by Merseyside police. 

Geordies, Mancunians and Brumies are also much less likely to be assaulted than those living the capital.

Overall, just 10 people in a thousand on Merseyside were burgled in 2011/12, with six in a thousand the victim of car crime.

Londoners are 20% more likely to be burgled - and more then twice as likely to suffer from motor offences.

Greater Manchester also suffers 20% higher rates of burglary than in the Liverpool area - and a third higher reported “offences against vehicles”.

West Midlands Police, covering England’s second city Birmingham, also reports higher levels of burglary and car crime than Liverpool - with 10% more home break-ins per person and 50% more car crime.

West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Police, covering Leeds and Sheffield, also suffer in comparison to Merseyside.

In West Yorkshire 13 people in a thousand suffer burglaries - 30% higher than in the Liverpool area. 

South Yorkshire residents meanwhile are 50% more likely to be broken into. Car crime in both areas is also higher.

Liverpool MP Steve Rotheram hailed the new figures which may end the TV image of Harry Enfield’s thieving, fighting three Scousers with their “Calm down, calm down” catchphrase.

He said: “After these figures, those who continue to perpetuate the stereotypes of going to Liverpool and finding their hub caps stolen will have their work cut out convincing others.

“Liverpool is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country.

"It’s time for people to recognise what’s actually happening here and not the nonsense that’s peddled by some comedians and others.

“We need to change the image that far too many people have of the city.”

Mr Rotheram revealed that he had written to the Association of

British Insurers to get car insurance premiums cut for Liverpool families.

Liverpudlians have long suffered from jokes and football chants attacking the city’s crime rate.

Last year Liverpool comedian John Bishop was the butt of gags on Top Gear when he broke the record for the fastest ever time in the “reasonably priced car” segment of the show.

Host Jeremy Clarkson said: “Where does a man from Liverpool learn to drive that fast in somebody else’s car?” He then added: “It must be in the genes.”

In a further dig at their guest, the show ended with a shot of a £150,000 Porsche which had had its wheels stolen and was resting on bricks.

James May said: “I told you not to bring someone from Liverpool on this show.